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Who's Who

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Senior Leadership Team

David Milner - Headteacher, T&L, EVC
Amy Smalec - Deputy Head, pupil premium, T&L
Matt Starbuck - Assistant Head, SENDCO, attendance
Craig Richards-Assistant Head, T&L, curriculum,MFL
Kelly Atterby - Assistant Head, EYFS, Music

Upper Key Stage 2

Rebecca McEwan Class 12 - Maths Lead
Chloe Thomas Class 11 - English Lead
Danny Finn Class 10 - PE Lead
Bernie Knight Class 9, computing and DT
George Mackown - HLTA
Kelly Taylor - HLTA
Kat Brooks - Learning Support
Sally Dineen - Learning Support
Julie Wheatley - Learning Support
Danny Flynn - Sports fixtures & clubs, Learning Support
Megan Brickwood - Learning Support

Lower Key Stage 2

Grahame Hempsell - Class 8 Science Leader, EVC
Emma Neary - Class 7, History and Geography, EAL
Emily Taylor - Class 7, History and Geography
Emma Wainwright - Class 5, ECO
Lauren Steer - Class 6, PE
Mags Nelson - Learning Support
Donna Green - Learning Support
Denise Dunbar - HLTA
Chloe Brown - Learning Support
Jackie Harris - Learning Support
Carol Hudson - Learning Support

Key Stage 1

Tina Hodgin - Class 4  KS1 Phase Leader, RWI
Sam Gallivan - Class 3, SEND
Anna Forman - Class 2, RE
Kristina Smith - Class 1, Computing and DT
Kate Hall - Class 3
Ellen Ford- Learning Support
Paula Pearce - Learning Support
Olivia Marshall - Learning Support
Danielle Hornsey - Learning Support
Heidi Thompson - Learning Support
Alison Bond - Learning Support
Lynne Fields - Learning Support
Jenny Woodhead - Learning Support


Kelly Atterby - Asst Headteacher for EYFS
Lucy Walton - FS2, EYFS operational
Jenny Fenwick - FS1
Amanda Rhodes - Learning Support
Gemma Midgley - Learning Support
Vicky Esberger - Learning Support
Sophie Locke - Learning Support
Kirstie Jacobs - Learning Support
Zoe Parker - Learning Support
Belinda Watson - Learning Support

Well being and pastoral

Julie Daly - HLTA ELSA Learning Support & Nurture
Sue Ewens - Family Support Worker and Attendance
Jane Barratt - Nurture


Alison Zielinski - Senior Administrator
LIndsay McDonnell - Receptionist

Site Staff

Dominic Bratby - Site Manager

Lunchtime Staff

Jane Barratt - Midday Manager and Breakfast Club
Mandy Hocking - Midday Supervisor
Claire Hardie - Midday Supervisor
Anne Barrett - Midday Supervisor
Mandy Nickell - Midday Supervisor
Carol Wells - Midday Supervisor
Sally Wilcox - Midday Supervisor
Rachel Addlesee - Midday Supervisor
Carol Wilson - Midday Supervisor
Lyndsay Bruce - Midday Supervisor
Hazel Kaye - Midday Supervisor
Lisa Simpson - Midday Supervisor
Kim Miller - Midday Supervisor
Kelly Massingham - Midday Supervisor

Cleaning Staff

Carol Wilson- Cleaning Supervisor
Claire Hardie - Cleaner
Anne Barrett - Cleaner
Sally Wilcox - Cleaner
Lisa Simpson - Cleaner
Donna Crowther - Cleaner