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I am very proud to welcome you to St Giles Academy’s website. We are an inclusive, supportive and caring school, which aims to do the very best for all the children in our care.


We aim to deliver a high quality teaching and learning experience for our pupils, which will prepare them well for secondary school and beyond. Our vision, which the children helped to develop, encourages the children to dream, to be passionate about that dream and believe that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. We want our children to be proud of this fantastic community, encourage them to explore and challenge themselves with exciting opportunities, whilst making fantastic memories.


At St Giles Academy, we focus on the core skills of reading, writing and maths through a broad and balanced curriculum that both inspires and engages the pupils. St Giles is a safe place to make mistakes and we promote a ‘have a go’ culture where children develop the confidence to challenge themselves as learners.


Decisions are always made with our children’s best interests in mind. For them to feel safe and secure; enjoy coming to school, is our number one priority.


The relaxed, friendly feel of the school is achieved by a common set of aims and core values shared by all members of staff and the children. These values: Passion, Aspiration, Resilience and Tolerance permeate through everything that we do. We all have clear, high expectations of our roles, our behaviour and performance. The well-being of our children and staff is of paramount importance. Our Whole School Rules, which are linked with the values, were created after discussions with the children in November 2019.


Passion – love your learning and always try your best.

Aspiration – dream big and aim to be better.

Resilience – be brave, believe in yourself and keep trying.

Tolerance – be kind, respectful and care for each other.


This is an exciting time for the school. We joined the Healing Multi Academy Trust in November 2018 and with the support of all the stakeholders, St Giles Academy has a bright future ahead.


This wonderful, new and improved website shows important information relating to the school for parents/carers, pupils and the wider community. It also directs you to other sites that may be useful. Pictures and information about the children’s learning experiences can be found on the class pages.


We extend a warm and friendly welcome to all who come to St Giles Academy, in whatever capacity.


Many thanks


David Milner