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Week 1 23.3.20

Friday 27th March 2020


These English, Maths and History activities can be completed over a couple of days. 



Watch the retelling of the story Lost and Found again (link - Then answer these questions in your English book. 





Go on a 2D and 3D shape hunt around your house. Remember 2D shapes are flat and 3D shapes are solid. What objects can you find that are the same shapes as the ones below? Draw them in your maths book and label them. 





In the back of your lined exercise book, write the facts you can remember about Neil Armstrong, the Apollo 11 mission and what it is like to live on the International Space Station. Write what you can remember first and then follow these links to videos we used to jog your memory.



Wednesday 25th March 2020


Here are some English, Maths and Art you can do today and tomorrow



Watch the retelling of the story Lost and Found again (link - Then complete this activity in your English book. 




What do you need to add to these numbers to make 10? You can create bar models in your maths book by colouring in 10 squares, then underneath colouring in the number of squares shown in the problem. Then use a different colour to colour the rest to find the answer. Can you write each number bond as a number sentence? See the example under the questions. 




Miss Forman has been busy creating a video to show you how to find missing numbers in number sentences. Follow the link to find out how to do this and then answer the questions below.




If you have a garden, or go on a walk, collect some different items to create your own artistic picture like the ones pictured below. Send Miss Smith and Miss Forman photos on Class Dojo of your creations. We can't wait to see your art!



Monday 23rd March 2020

The next book we would have been learning about is called 

Lost and Found 

Written by and Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. 


Please follow the link to hear someone reading the story, or if you have it at home please read together :)


For English today, complete a book review about the story in your lined exercise book. You can listen to the story more than once. In the book review include

Title of the book

The Author 

What the story is about

What is your favourite part of the story

How many stars you would give it out of 5


For Maths today, write number sentences using numerals for the questions below in you squared exercise book.