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Summer Term Week 8

Sea Creature information


Use whatever you have at home to recreate this colourful jellyfish. You could use coloured paper, recycled magazines or wrappers, ribbons, wool, fabric- it doesn't really matter what you choose. If you would like to hang it in the window for the light to shine through, try tissue paper and PVA glue or colourful, plastic food wrappers. It's your design- over to you. 

Project: Grace Darling


This week we would like you to create a project all about

Grace Darling.

The BBC has some great videos that can be watched and the internet is full of information about this significant person from the past. 

The project can be presented in any way that you would like and we would love to see what you do so please send completed work to your teacher through Class Dojo. 

Will you make a poster, an information leaflet, a picture, a painting, a powerpoint, a fact file or something different? Please be creative and present the research in a way in which you will most enjoy. 

Have fun smiley