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Summer Term Week 3

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all keeping safe and well. This folder contains work you can complete this week. Remember Miss Smith and Miss Forman are still available on Class Dojo if you want to get in touch. We still enjoy seeing what you have all been up to :) 


Follow the link to the BBC Bitesize website which has a number of different lessons for the children to work through.



Word of the Week 

Our word of the week this week is absorb. Do you know what this word means? Follow this link to watch a video to find out


Can you find out which material in your home absorbs the most water? Maybe try using a tea towel, a bath towel, a paper towel and toilet paper. 




All our English work for the next two weeks will be based around the story 'Giraffes Can't Dance.' 

Watch Miss Smith reading the story below and then download the work from underneath. Hope you enjoy this book. 

Giraffes Can't Dance

A video of Miss Smith reading the story Giraffes Can't Dance Written by: Giles Andreae Illustrated by: Guy Parker-Rees


This week in Maths we are recapping on things we have already learnt. Follow this link to watch the videos that will help you with these lessons You will need to look at the section Summer Term - Week 3. There are also videos on BBC bitesize each day that link to these lessons. 




As a school, we follow the Ruth Miskin scheme; Read Write Inc. Follow the link below to see information on where you can find daily phonics sessions, Monday to Friday.




You can have great fun completing physical activities by Joe Wicks or Cosmic Kids yoga.

Follow the link above and then find the PE lessons he has created.




In Science we are still looking at animals. This week we are learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. If you are working from a laptop or computer you can download the powerpoint below to find out more about these animal groups. If you are on a tablet or phone then follow the link to the video to find out more.




This week we are going to think about what it might be like to be a King or Queen. They have to behave a certain way and they might have rules to follow or make rules for others to follow. Have a look at the rules on the sheet and colour in or circle the rules that you would have if you were King or Queen and cross out the ones that you wouldn't have. Then think of your own rules for others to follow in the blank squares!




We are still focusing on looking after ourselves and keeping healthy. This week we are going to look at exercise. Can you think of lots of ways to exercise? Look at the powerpoint or the videos and create a list of things you could do to keep active at home or in the garden during lockdown. Maybe you could use Joe Wicks PE lesson to help!