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Summer Term



In maths, we are using the White Rose Maths to guide our learning. We have special workbooks that we are enjoying completing. The blocks we will be completing during the Summer Term will be; multiplication and division, fractions, position and direction, place value within 100, money and time.

Within these blocks, we will be using concrete resources to aid our learning. Keep checking back to see what we have been doing in our learning for each block. Miss Smith will add to this after we complete each block. 


Multiplication and Division

We began our learning by recapping on our knowledge of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We then began looking at what equal and unequal groups are, and started learning how to make equal groups. Then we learnt about using repeated addition to add equal groups. We needed to use our knowledge of counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s to work the totals out. We then began learning about arrays and how they can show equal groups. We used concrete resources as well as our whiteboards and pens to create arrays. We have already been learning about doubling numbers during maths fluency. We were able to use the knowledge of what doubling is to complete questions around doubling numbers. We had more chances to make equal groups by grouping before we moved onto learning about making equal groups through sharing. 



To be added when block has been completed.


Position and Direction

To be added when block has been completed.


Place Value within 100

To be added when block has been completed.



To be added when block has been completed.



To be added when block has been completed.



Our English lessons are all based around different stories. At the end of each story the children will be completing some writing. This writing includes; writing a retell of stories and writing an informal letter. I can't tell you all of the wonderful stories that we will be using straight away as we like to give the children clues to make predictions! I will update this page with the front covers of the stories once they have been revealed to the children, so keep coming back to check


Here are the books we have covered:



Giraffes Can't Dance

The outcome of this story was to be able to retell the story using the suffix ending -ing. During the first week of our learning, we predicted what we thought was going to happen from clues that we were given. During the second week we learnt skills that would help us with our final piece of writing. These included; using the suffix ending -ing, the prefix un-, using capital letters in a sequence of sentences and using the conjunction 'and' to connect phrases. In the final week of this block, Miss Smith worked with us to create a Talk for Writing map. We then completed the missing parts and used this as a plan to help us to write a retell of the story.