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Spring Term

Spring Term 1

Amazing Animals

This term the children will be exploring different types of animals from all over the world. From animals that live in the arctic to animals that live in our home. Each week the children will explore a different text connected to the type of animals we are exploring. Please remember to check Dojo Daily to keep up to date with the word of the week and what the children are learning and enjoying in class. 

this term in maths the children will be exploring, number bonds to 5, addition to 10, number bonds to 10, spatial awareness and 2d shapes. 

The texts the children will be exploring this term are the following: 

week 1: Farmyard Hullabaloo 

Week 2: A Squash and a Squeeze 

Week 3: Some Pets 

Week 4: Ronald the Rhino 

Week 5: Be Brave Little Penguin 

Week6: Sharing a Shell