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St Giles Academy

'Success and happiness for every child'

We seek to inspire greatness in every child and to equip them with the outcomes, life skills and personal attributes to lead successful, happy and safe lives.

Harbour Learning Trust

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Organisation of the school day

On wet days doors are unlocked to allow children to come into school from 8:45am

8.45am            Gates open

8.50am            All main doors open and children enter school from 8.50am.  On arrival the children will complete an early morning activity whilst the register is called.

9.00am           School gates locked. Any children arriving after this will enter through office

9:15am           Registers are submitted

9.15am           Assembly

9:45am           Lesson 1

10:45am         Break

11.00am         Lesson 2

12:00pm        Lunch for EYFS and KS1 children

12.30pm        Lunch for UKS2 children (LKS2 out to play)

12.45pm        Lunch for LKS2 (UKS2 out to play)

1:00pm          Lesson 3 & 4 for KS1

1.15pm          Lesson 3 & 4 for KS2

3:00pm          End of school for EYFS (gate open at 3pm)

3.10pm          End of school for KS1

3.15pm          End of school for KS2 (all other gates open at 3.10pm)