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We had another surprise book arrive in Class 2! As we opened the flaps, some children thought they recognised the book. We talked about the picture of a rocket and wondered why it might be in the story and wondered what the word 'catch' might mean. 






We have been reading the story 'Beegu'. Before we started we predicted what we thought would happen. We were given small clues as the book arrived wrapped in paper! We opened each flap and discussed it as a class.



We were given the beginning to the story. We had no other picture clues other than the front and back of the book. We thought she might be lost on an alien planet or maybe she was lost on Earth.





We have been reading the story 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark' over the last couple of weeks. First we looked at the front cover of the book and talked about it, making predictions on what we thought might happen. Then we looked at one of the pages from inside the book to see if any of our predictions needed changing. Finally we got to read the story and found out whether our predictions were true!


While reading the story we thought about how to show what was happening through freeze frames.


Plop watched the fireworks with his family



Plop sat with the children around the campfire



The old man showed Plop the stars through a telescope



Plop couldn't wait for his family to wake up!



Plop went hunting with his family and wasn't afraid of the dark anymore!



After reading the story and showing what was happening using drama we thought about the story and answered true and false questions. We worked with a partner to work out whether each statement was true or false.


Now that we had read the story a few times and thought about everything that happened, we tried writing our own captions underneath different pictures from the story. We thought hard about capital letters, full stops and finger spaces and used our phonics to help us write. Here are some examples of our writing!


Ollie                                           Oliver                                      Nikola 



Angel                                      Yasamin


We then started to think about what adjectives were and looked at some describing words. We had to decide as a class which character from the story each word described.