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Class 8

SCIENCE: Habitats and micro-habitats


Our science investigation to discover habitats and micro-habitats was interrupted by a very poorly-timed rainy afternoon! However, we were still able to find out all about the different animals and insects which can be found in and around the school and its grounds. We have also been lucky enough to have a large amount of craneflies around the school this September which have helped us with our investigations!


You may know craneflies by their more common name ... 'daddy long legs'! Did you know there are 94 different species in the UK alone? If you want to find out more, why don't you visit:






A huge thankyou to our new starter Alan, who has made a fabulous start to the year and settled in really quickly. What has really made our day is that he brought in a gorgeous cake today for the teachers, to make it a 'Happy Teacher Day'!


You've made us very happy indeed!!!








Welcome back - hope you had a lovely Summer holiday!


This term we will be studying ....

English: our texts will be 'How does a lighthouse work?' 'The Red Prince', 'Rosie Revere' and 'Peter and the Wolf' and we will be writing explanation texts, narratives, adverts and biographies.


Maths: we will be practising place value, addition and subtraction, and statistics. We are now moving to working with thousands and well as hundreds, tens and ones. 


Science: we are investigating living things and their habitats, including grouping and classifying animals.


Geography: our focus is Eastern Europe, and we will be comparing Eastern European geography with the UK. 


RE: we are studying Christianity and how Christians practise their faith. 


Art: we are printing using different printing techniques. Hopefully, we will be able to use our skills to make things for the Christmas fair. 


PE: we are swimming this term!!!!!! Don't forget your costume and towel each week!