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Class 8



In 2021 we will be learning all about ....

The Vikings and how they changed our country.

We will make a Viking longboat in design and technology.

How to create and edit graphics on a computer.

In PE we will be exploring symmetry and mirroring and enjoying outdoor activities. 

Art will comprise collage and drawing.

RE is all about Christianity and the Holy Trinity. Also we are discovering the concept of forgiveness across all faiths.

In French we are learning all about 'En famille' and 'Chez moi'.

PSHE will teach us how to manage our feelings and well-being. 






As part of your learning leading towards the Christmas holidays, we worked on some Christmas art and DT projects. We had been hoping to be able to make things to sell at a Christmas fair, but sadly that wasn't a possibility this year. 



Our first project was our Design and Technology project, designing and making a photo frame, a translucent design, and a stand for an electric candle. Here are some of our finished designs.















Throughout the Autumn Term we have been working on an art project, researching different print techniques, including the use of styrofoam etching, creating print templates and the use of bubble wrap for printing. 


We created Christmas cards to print a Christmas tree scene onto card. 









To help us know what we are doing in 2021, we created 2021 calendars but with the months in French! Did you know that in French you don't start with a capital letter?














Katherine Johnson was a very important female engineer from America. She was born in 1918 and lived until she was 101. She is famous for being one of the first African American women to go to university and for making a magnificent contribution to getting astronauts to the Moon. Read on to learn about this amazing engineer. 


Early life


Katherine Coleman was born in 1918, in West Virginia. She was very clever and her skills with calculations became very obvious at college. In fact, she was so clever she skipped one year of primary and went to secondary school early. 


When Katherine was 21 she was one of only three African American women to go to university where she studied maths. However, she left because she got married, and became a teacher for the next 14 years. 




When she was 35, she moved jobs and joined NACA, which became NASA later on. She and a group of other African American women were called the 'West Computers' and they did all the maths to help get the American Space Programme into Space. Sadly, at the time, they had to stay away from their other colleagues because of the colour of their skin.


Later on, she was a very important part of getting astronauts to the Moon AND the astronauts trusted her so much they asked her to check that their computer had got its maths right! 


Did you know?


Katherine was the first woman to publish scientific books for NASA and she published 26 altogether. In 2015 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the highest honour a civilian can get in the USA. She lived until she was 101 so in her life she had three children, six grand-children and even enjoyed eleven great-grand-children! When asked about her life in engineering, she once told somebody, "You lose your curiosity when you stop learning." 





In the days before computers, laptops and the internet, we needed special people to do the complicated calculations. Katherine Johnson, along with her 'West Computer' friends was an amazing engineer, without whom America would never have successfully sent astronauts into Space. Along with her fight against prejudice, she deserves to be remembered as one of our greatest engineers. 






In our geography learning this term we are looking towards the East of Europe, learning all about the countries, landscapes and people. We've started by reminding ourselves of the names of the continents and which countries are in which. 


We are really looking forward to being able to explore the similarities and differences between our country and countries such as Poland and Estonia. We were also very impressed to learn that Russia is so huge it is in TWO continents!





Our science this term is all about human digestion, including teeth. We will be learning all about the journey of our food from our mouths to ....... (well you know!)


We've already been really surprised to learn that teeth are NOT made out of bone, that we are born with ALL of our teeth (we don't grow any more throughout our lives) and that we have four teeth (wisdom teeth) just waiting until we're adults!





Recently, we've been enjoying the book 'Rosie Revere, Engineer' and enjoying the story of a young girl who was inspired by her Great-Aunt to become an engineer. 



We then wrote our own biographies about how Rosie became a great engineer and all the amazing inventions throughout her famous career!



We also studied the life of a real famous engineer and mathematician, Katherine Johnson. She was a lady who worked on all the maths and calculations needed to get the American space programme to the moon. Read all about her amazing life at:








In our RE learning we have studied Christian signs and symbols and designed our own stained glass windows. We hope you like them ....




Our PE session will be Wednesday morning, plus one other day (which we will let you know as soon as we do). Your child may come to school on PE days already changed into their kit due to the current COVID restrictions, but please could they still wear their jumper. 





Because many of us haven't been in school for quite a while this term is going to include a lot of work on PSHE, managing feelings and really helping us to settle in now that we are back. In RE we are learning about Christianity, signs, symbols and what it means to be a Christian. We are going back to basics with French, remembering how to say hello and goodbye and lots of other useful vocabulary. 


We have started our maths journey revisiting place value, remembering what we did in Year 3 and then moving on to working with 1000s. In English we are studying the animation 'The Lighthouse' to help us write an explanation text all about lighthouses. 





This term we are sending out homework differently. We are avoiding sending paper home due to current restrictions so we are using Google Classroom. 


If you click on it will take you to the correct place. Then use the email address and password you should hopefully have received with last year's report and see how you get on! We do understand this is a bit of an experiment so don't worry if it takes a while to get the hang of things. 





Welcome to the Class 8 class page. Please check here for regular updates and news from our class. We'll be putting lots of news and information on here in the next few weeks and months. Your teacher is Mr Hempsall and Mrs Dunbar is also in the classroom.