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Class 8



As of Monday 23rd March, school is closed for most children until further notice. All Class 8 children have been given their learning packs to keep them occupied in the short term and more will be added every so often on the 'home learning' section of the website. 


Each day don't forget to go on TTRockstars and Spelling shed as much as you can! 


Mr Hempsall will be popping up on here and Twitter every so often with some fun facts, activities and ideas - watch out for him! The Class 8 Twitter feed is @Class8ST. 



Challenge 42:


A bit of a yucky one today! Your challenge is to watch this clip about one of Mr Hempsall's heroes, Joseph Bazalgette. He was a very important Victorian engineer.


You could write a recount about what he did and why he is so important!





Two more maths challenges for you!







Today it's about the Romans! Create a menu for a restaurant based on the food the Romans ate.


These links will help you:





Some more maths problems for the weekend!









Another maths problem!




One from Mr Hempsall's past life in construction - how many bricks are there in one square metre? (so a square shape on a 'normal' brick wall 1 m across and 1 m down)


Tip: you will have to count fractions of bricks!



More children are back in school this week - it's still very quiet but there is a group working in our classroom now each day. It's lovely to be in, but it seems very strange without all of you!





Maths challenge. I have an object in my house which can use these calculations ....


11 + 4 = 3

9 + 6 = 3


There is no mistake! What is the object?



Mr Hempsall went to visit his son (number 2) this morning - being careful to follow the current distancing guidelines - they happened to walk past this football ground..... can you guess where they were from the clues in the photo?







Let's have another maths problem....






This morning on his early morning dog walk Mr Hempsall could hear two cuckoos and saw this grey heron fishing in the water. Your task today is to research all about cuckoos and grey herons!


Write down as many facts as you can about each one.……





Because it's Friday you get to watch a film! Nearly 100 years ago the silent comedy 'Safety Last' thrilled audiences. Watch this clip…


Ask yourself. How did they film it safely? Did Harold Lloyd REALLY climb the building?


This clip explains how they did it:


If you want to watch the whole film, this is the link:


Please don't try this at home!





It's time for some art! The artist L S Lowry is very famous for how he painted (two of his paintings are at the Usher Art Gallery) - find out about him and his work and try to draw in the same style..





Two logic problems for you!





The solutions ...






Two maths problems for you - you don't need plates, you could just use pieces of paper, draw circles, any way you want to do it!



The solution ....





Two great games to find on BBC Bitesize (well I enjoyed playing them!)

Crystal Explorers

Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica





Another VE Day challenge. Can you make an authentic WW2 recipe? During the Second World War food was carefully rationed, so most of the things you love to eat and drink today just weren't around.


Try baking this recipe. Don't worry if you don't have all the ingredients - they would have had to 'make do' as well!


(Remember you MUST have adult permission and supervision)




Because today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day and also because Lincolnshire was the home of RAF bomber aircraft in the Second World War, today's task is to do some reading! Research all about the Lancaster bomber and its designer, Roy Chadwick (who also designed the famous Vulcan jet bomber!).


These links should help:……






A birthday challenge! Mrs Hempsall (senior) has her birthday today and she has become an OCTOGENARIAN - how old is she today?


She was 80 but don't tell her I said anything - it was supposed to be a secret!


Also research what was happening around the world on the day she was born!


7/5/1940 - The Second World War had been going on for 8 months and Britain was fighting against Germany in Norway. France would be invaded just 3 days later...


What VERY important event happened on her 5th birthday?


Germany surrendered and World War 2 came to an end in Europe (but was still going on in Japan).





Yesterday at school we worked on creating a newspaper front page to report how Princess Elizabeth (now the Queen) celebrated VE Day - can you create your own newspaper front page about this? (We made the bit about them being grounded up!)





I couldn't help noticing this morning that LOADS of dandelion flowers had turned into heads full of seeds. Your challenge is to find one and COUNT how many seeds each dandelion head holds. (Please don't let them anywhere near your garden otherwise you might have a lot of dandelions in your grass next year!)


Then can you think of different ways plants disperse their seeds?






A couple of logic puzzles to make you think. It might be useful to have a pencil and paper to help you AND perhaps make your own timetable to work out which friends can meet (after social distancing has ended of course!) 











Your challenge today is to create a new animal!


It should be two or more different animals mixed together to make a new one (perhaps a cow's body with a crocodile's head and kangaroo's legs, called a 'crocomooroo'). 


Draw and describe your animal including description of diet, habitat and so on.







Today you have been shipwrecked!


You have just washed ashore the beach of a desert island completely on your own.


You have the chance to collect TEN objects from the wreckage as they quickly float past you.


Which 10 objects will you choose and why?





Your challenge today will take you back 2000 years! Find out all you can about Roman soldiers; their lives, uniform, weapons and anything else you can discover.


Useful sites:





Challenge 18: We haven't done Word of the Week for a while SO your challenge today is to find out the meaning of, and write sentences with, these words ....











Last triangle challenge! How many triangles can you see in this picture? (Mr Hempsall doesn't know the answer to this one so will be doing it as well - this could get controversial!)



Answer: we found 27 altogether (16 'one' triangles / 7 'four' triangles / 3 'nine' triangles / 1 'sixteen triangle') and we couldn't help noticing a square number pattern!







It's a triangle theme day! Your challenge is to create some art consisting only of triangles. It can be any design you like and any colour scheme BUT it would be fabulous to see the four different types of triangle in your design. Please make sure you use a ruler!






Here is a picture of square with an equilateral triangle inside it.


The perimeter of the triangle is 54cm. What is the perimeter of the square?




Answer: the perimeter of the triangle is 54cm so each equal side is 18cm. This means that one side of the square is also 18cm. So all four sides will be 4 x 18 = 72cm





It's a science task today - you are going to prove a man called Galileo right! He was an Italian scientist who lived in the 1600s. (He was the person who realised that the Earth revolves around the Sun!) 


For this task:

You need 2 IDENTICAL plastic bottles. Fill one with water and leave the other one empty. Drop them from the same height (somewhere safe) and observe which one lands first. What is happening?


Before you do, ask yourself what you expect to happen. Does it happen? Then ask yourself why!



  • Remember to use plastic bottles
  • Only drop the bottles somewhere safe where it won't matter if water leaks out!
  • Drop them onto something soft.



Answer: They should land at the same time!!! If you drop two identically shaped objects, they fall at the same speed no matter what their weight is. Galileo proved this by dropping objects off the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In 1971 an astronaut dropped a hammer and a feather on the moon to see what happens when there is no air resistance.....





A bit of research! Something happened 50 years ago this week which had the whole world worried for a few days. What was it and what happened?


Your clues are:

  • The Greek God of music
  • A baker's dozen


Put the two answers together and you have the name you need!



ANSWER: The clue was Apollo 13. It was a mission to the moon which had an explosion on board and the three astronauts only just got home!

For more information read


There is a great film (with Tom Hanks) all about this event. It is called Apollo 13. It is PG rated (contains mild threat, language and innuendo) so you MUST check with your adults first that they are happy for you to watch it. 






Don't forget the BBC have now started their educational programmes and website


For lesson ideas go to


For programmes go to





Mr Hempsall has written a message in code.


Clue - he has used the numbers 1 to 26


13, 18 / 8, 5, 13, 16, 19, 1, 12, 12 / 7, 15, 20 / 20, 23, 15 / 5, 1, 19, 20, 5, 18 / 5, 7, 7, 19


Well done to everyone who worked out that these were the numbers of the letters of the alphabet (a=1, b=2, c=3 ........ z=26)


So the secret code said: "Mr Hempsall got two Easter eggs" (which is true!!!)







Your challenge is to find a poem you really like and to LEARN it off by heart. See if you can recite it completely from memory.


For ideas go to:





Let's get back to some maths! Today's challenge is to add ALL the numbers from 1 to 100 together to find the total (1+2+3+4+5+ ......... +98+99+100)


HOWEVER, do NOT try to add all the numbers! There is an easy way to do it! 


A clue: think of pairs of numbers and look for a pattern - you can do this with one addition and one multiplication!!


Answer: if you pair the 1 and the 100 (1+100) you get 101. Then pair 2 and 99, 3 and 98, 4 and 97, all the way to 50 and 51. Each answer equals 101 and there are 50 answers SO 50 x 101 = 5050



Let's get drawing!


Draw in pencil (using shading) a self-portrait (of you!!!).


Also do you remember the pointillism from Year 3? (all the dots!) Why not try more dotty art again!!!





Mr Hempsall is growing a beard and can't get a haircut right now so he is in danger of looking like Mr Twit soon! Write a paragraph describing what he will look like when we all get back! Remember to use expanded noun phrases, prepositions, different openers, and adverbs. Finish it with some speech. You must use lots of punctuation in the right places!


Your extra challenge is to only start ONE of the sentences with 'The'.



(End of April - Mr Hempsall's beard is getting pretty bushy now BUT he is very sad to see most of the hair on his chin is WHITE!)






Now it's time for a maths challenge and this is one is slightly more difficult than it appears at first. 




The answer is NOT 64 - think instead 'How many square shapes can I see on a chess board?




A bit of a clue - if the whole 8x8 board is ONE square, how many 7x7 squares could you make, how many 6 x 6 squares and so on - you should begin to see a pattern involving square numbers .... 



ANSWER: you can make one 8x8 square, four 7x7 squares, 9 6x6 squares, 16 5x5 squares, 25 4x4 squares, 36 3x3 squares, 49 2x2 squares and finally 64 1x1 squares


Then add 1 + 4 + 9 + 16 + 25 + 36 + 49 + 64 = 204



Still image for this video
Our sixth challenge - watch the video - can you explain .....
(a) WHAT happens
(b) WHY it happens

This is linked to our states of matter learning in science, so think SOLIDS, LIQUIDS, GASES

Answer: when the solid begins to DISSOLVE in the liquid it creates a gas. This gas expands into the container and can't escape, so it creates pressure until it forces to cap off and 'explodes'.



Time for a bit of writing! Homophones are of course words which sound the same but are spelt differently. Your challenge is to write ONE sentence which has there, they're and their AND two, too and to. Can you do it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?




Still image for this video
In the video you can see that when we push a glass (half full with water) across the picture of the arrows, one arrow changes and one stays the same. Can you explain what is happening?

ANSWER: the water in the glass is REFRACTING the image of the arrow on the whiteboard. For a really good guide to refraction click on this link



Farmer Giles has 4 fields. He has 2 haystacks in Field A, 5 haystacks in Field B, 2 haystacks in Field C and 1 haystack in Field D. If he moves them and puts them all together in Field D, how many haystacks are in that field? The answer IS NOT 10!



He puts then ALL TOGETHER into Field D, so there is ONE big one!







(We've done this but can you remember the solution?! Also, you could show your adults at home!)


You have 9 dots in a square shape. Can you draw 4 straight lines to cover all the dots?


Rules: you can NOT take your pencil off the paper, and you can NOT go back along the same line















The first challenge question for you has been asked by Dylan The Dog.


In this photo you can see I have white whiskers. Why do I have whiskers at all? (Answer below the photograph)





Whiskers (vibrissae) are long, thick hairs which stick out of the dog's muzzle. They are packed full of nerves which send messages back to the brain. By sending messages about changes in the air (including vibrations) dogs can find out about what's going on around them, especially at night, and helps them to 'see' things without using their eyes. Some dogs also use them to see if they can fit through tight spaces. Some people think whiskers are also used to send messages to other dogs by their movement.






We're back and looking forward to lots of new learning. In history we are studying the lives and times of the Vikings and their impact on British life today. Our science learning is states of matter and living things, so solids, liquids and gases will be our focus, as well as micro-habitats. 


In DT we will be designing and making Viking longboats and our RE learning will teach all about Buddhism.



In our DT lessons we made Viking longboats with moveable sails. Leland was inspired to go one step further and, with the help of his grandfather, made this amazing wooden boat!





Newsflash!! Year 4 have created a tree for our local Methodist Church - we created the tree with papier mache and then cut out leaves to cover it. On the leaves we then wrote 'What Christmas means to me' and it was lovely to see so many thoughts of how Christmas is all about sharing time with family, enjoying special time together and so on. 







We are nearly at the end of our first full term of swimming and it has been lovely to see the progress we're all making, including confidence in the water and improving our kicking and arm strokes. We are swimming all the way through to Easter so we're looking forward to more amazing progress in our swimming after Christmas!

Rosie Revere instruction texts


In our English work recently we have read the text, Rosie Revere Engineer, enjoying reading all about her mad inventions! We decided to write instruction texts inspired by the various gadgets she designed and built, using all the criteria needed such as title, sub-titles, bullet points, numbered instructions with imperative verbs and adverbs. 






In our geography learning we have been studying differences between UK and USA and the recent American forest fires gave us the opportunity to investigate why they are happening in California but not in our country. We also devised and created fire safety posters to warn campers and hikers about the dangers of forest fires.  



Our French learning this term has been to learn how to say our names, our addresses, and the names of family members. We can now say and write how many brothers and sisters we have, using our previous number learning. 




In our science learning in Term 2 we have studied sound, how it travels, how the ear works, and so on. We have also conducted investigations into whether sound reduces over distance and which materials can reduce the volume of a sound. We even made string telephones to investigate vibrations of sounds. 



As part of our 'Say No to Racism' learning we studied the lives and stories of 4 people, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, John Barnes and John Akinde. We learned how Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks fought racism and apartheid. We also looked at the football careers of John Barnes and John Akinde. We agreed that everyone is the same and that nobody should be judged by the colour of their skin. 




In our art we have been studying the work of American pop-art artists and have used repetition, colour mixing and collage to produce different effects!




in our music we have been learning and singing traditional North American campfire songs and by the end of term we staged a 'concert' singing the songs and enjoying singing rounds as well. 



Our science learning has been the digestive system and we have been learning all about teeth, digestion and food chains. We took part in an investigation to find out which liquids were most damaging for teeth and to our surprise orange juice was even worse than an energy drink!








In our French learning we have been learning food vocabulary, including being able to say what we like to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Now we are moving onto numbers 1-20, Je m'appelle, and J'ai ... ans!


This Autumn term we are swimming in our PE sessions. 

We swim on a Tuesday afternoon during school time. 


Please make sure your child has trunks / costume, a large towel, goggles (if they want), and a bag large enough to keep their clothes in once they are changed. 


Image result for swimming clipart



At the start of this Autumn term we have lots of new learning: 


Science:- the human body and digestion

Geography:- identifying and comparing the features of the UK and USA

RE:- Christianity, including signs and symbols

Art:- American pop-art, including the work of Andy Warhol

PSHE:- friendships and positive relationships

Music:- traditional American campfire songs

French:- greating and conversations

PE: swimming on Tuesday afternoons / PE with Synergy on Wednesday mornings (please remember to bring your PE kit!) 



Image result for welcome clipart


Welcome to the 2019 / 2020 class page for Class 8. This year Mr Hempsall has the privilege of being the Class 8 teacher. 


We're looking forward to a fabulous year with loads of fun and fabulous learning!