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Class 8



Newsflash!! Year 4 have created a tree for our local Methodist Church - we created the tree with papier mache and then cut out leaves to cover it. On the leaves we then wrote 'What Christmas means to me' and it was lovely to see so many thoughts of how Christmas is all about sharing time with family, enjoying special time together and so on. 







We are nearly at the end of our first full term of swimming and it has been lovely to see the progress we're all making, including confidence in the water and improving our kicking and arm strokes. We are swimming all the way through to Easter so we're looking forward to more amazing progress in our swimming after Christmas!

Rosie Revere instruction texts


In our English work recently we have read the text, Rosie Revere Engineer, enjoying reading all about her mad inventions! We decided to write instruction texts inspired by the various gadgets she designed and built, using all the criteria needed such as title, sub-titles, bullet points, numbered instructions with imperative verbs and adverbs. 






In our geography learning we have been studying differences between UK and USA and the recent American forest fires gave us the opportunity to investigate why they are happening in California but not in our country. We also devised and created fire safety posters to warn campers and hikers about the dangers of forest fires.  



Our French learning this term has been to learn how to say our names, our addresses, and the names of family members. We can now say and write how many brothers and sisters we have, using our previous number learning. 




In our science learning in Term 2 we have studied sound, how it travels, how the ear works, and so on. We have also conducted investigations into whether sound reduces over distance and which materials can reduce the volume of a sound. We even made string telephones to investigate vibrations of sounds. 



As part of our 'Say No to Racism' learning we studied the lives and stories of 4 people, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, John Barnes and John Akinde. We learned how Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks fought racism and apartheid. We also looked at the football careers of John Barnes and John Akinde. We agreed that everyone is the same and that nobody should be judged by the colour of their skin. 




In our art we have been studying the work of American pop-art artists and have used repetition, colour mixing and collage to produce different effects!




in our music we have been learning and singing traditional North American campfire songs and by the end of term we staged a 'concert' singing the songs and enjoying singing rounds as well. 



Our science learning has been the digestive system and we have been learning all about teeth, digestion and food chains. We took part in an investigation to find out which liquids were most damaging for teeth and to our surprise orange juice was even worse than an energy drink!








In our French learning we have been learning food vocabulary, including being able to say what we like to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Now we are moving onto numbers 1-20, Je m'appelle, and J'ai ... ans!


This Autumn term we are swimming in our PE sessions. 

We swim on a Tuesday afternoon during school time. 


Please make sure your child has trunks / costume, a large towel, goggles (if they want), and a bag large enough to keep their clothes in once they are changed. 


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At the start of this Autumn term we have lots of new learning: 


Science:- the human body and digestion

Geography:- identifying and comparing the features of the UK and USA

RE:- Christianity, including signs and symbols

Art:- American pop-art, including the work of Andy Warhol

PSHE:- friendships and positive relationships

Music:- traditional American campfire songs

French:- greating and conversations

PE: swimming on Tuesday afternoons / PE with Synergy on Wednesday mornings (please remember to bring your PE kit!) 



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Welcome to the 2019 / 2020 class page for Class 8. This year Mr Hempsall has the privilege of being the Class 8 teacher. 


We're looking forward to a fabulous year with loads of fun and fabulous learning!