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Class 7

We had a wonderful time at the church celebrating Easter.

The children sang beautifully and some wore Easter bonnets.


Classes 7 and 8 had a fantastic time at Kingswood, Dearne Valley this Spring. Confidence grew, trust and teamwork flourished and, best of all, it was FUN!





As part of our multi-faith week, we visited a Japanese meditation garden. It was a beautiful experience and we enjoyed the calm and relaxation that came from being surrounded by nature and enjoying the colours and fresh air as well as the sound of running water and birdsong. We came back to school and wrote Haiku inspired by our visit.

This Spring, we are asking, "What Makes the Great Outdoors 'Great'?" We are thinking about what is beautiful to us and looking at rivers and mountains in particular. We are looking at watercolour paintings by Lesley Olver to see how she represents the outdoors and we are exploring the techniques she uses to create our own artwork in her style. Human activity has a huge impact on the environment and we are learning about this as well to help us understand how important our choices are. We are using this understanding to think about how we can make good choices in our daily lives. In maths we are exploring number, fractions, decimals, measures, shapes and statistics and in English we are reading and writing across adventure narratives, formal letters, scripts, reports and poetry.

Planning our formal letters

Welcome to Class 7!


We are launching the year with the Vikings! Follow our adventures as we find out who the Vikings were, where they came from, how they lived and what their legacy is.

We are so proud of our homework linked to Vikings. We have made some amazing models, carried out research, written a book and we've even done some baking and made a video - all with our families at home.


We've been making silly sentences with relative clauses then writing our own to go in our myths.


Well done Gabriel - creative and delicious homework! Gabriel made Viking biscuits and shared them with the class.