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Class 6


We are Class 6!


Class 6 are a Year 3 class and we work closely with Class 5, the other Year 3 class in our school. We are taught mainly by Mrs Meanwell but Mr Richards teaches us on a Friday. We are also lucky enough to have Mrs Nelson and Mrs Dunbar who support us with our learning. Next door, Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Green & Mrs Barratt work with the other Year 3 class.




PE - this always takes place on a Wednesday and on a another day during the week. On a Wednesday the class will be taught by Coaches from Synergy. PE kit should be in school all week in case the day that PE is due to take place has to change.


WATER BOTTLES - all children should bring a water bottle in to school with them each day. This can be filled when emptied but it should be taken home and washed each night.


SNACKS - the children are invited to bring their own healthy snack to have at break times.


HOMEWORK - this is sent home each Friday.


READING - it is very important your child reads at home. They will bring their reading record home every day and a reading book. This needs to be returned to school the following day so that the books can be read in school too. Once they have read a book three times, they can do a quiz in school and then change their book.


CLUBS - there are two clubs currently running for Year 3. There is a board games club on a Thursday after school run by Mrs Barratt. There is also a rounders club on a Friday after school with Synergy. 


There is no need for children to bring anything from home, such as cuddly toys, pencil cases and 'things to show'.


During the Summer Term...


This term the children have lots of exciting new texts & videos to explore in English. We can't tell you what these texts will be because they are a secret but we can tell you that we will be writing a character description, recount, informal letter and advert.


In maths we will be learning about addition & subtraction, fractions, measuring length, perimeter and temperature and statistics. As well as this, we will be  consolidating our 4 times tables before moving on to learning our 8's.


In our non-core subjects we will be learning about the Anglo Saxons, light, magnets, Islam, pilgrimages, programming using Scratch Junior, healthy lifestyles, collage and how to name different fruits and body parts in French.


As you can see, we have a very busy term ahead of us. Keep checking our page for updates!



During the Spring Term...


This term the children studied lots of new texts in English. These were Hansel & Gretel, Stone Age Boy, Journey and Quest and we loved each of them for different reasons. The children worked extremely hard to produce a retell, a newspaper report, a narrative and an informal letter.


In maths we learnt more about number & place value, addition & subtraction, multiplication & division and fractions, measuring capacity.  As well as this, we have also consolidated our 3 times tables before we moved on to learning our 4's.


In our non-core subjects we learnt about the Stone Age to the Iron Age, rocks & soils, plants, Christianity, how to send emails and what makes a family and a community. We made even managed to get creative and made our very own Stone Age necklaces and Anglo Saxon brooches.


We have had a very busy term indeed. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our learning as much as we have enjoyed doing it!


During the Autumn Term...


This term we had lots of exciting new texts & videos to explore in English. These were The Frog Prince, Man on the Moon, Grandad's Island and The Fourth Wise Man. They wrote a character description, an informal letter, a diary entry and a narrative retell.


In maths the we learnt about number & place value, addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, measuring mass, properties of shape and money. As well as this, we  consolidated our 2's, 5's and 10's times tables and started learning our 3's.


In our non-core subjects we learnt all about animals including humans, the UK (including settlements and physical & human characteristics), Hinduism, conducting safe and effective searches using search engines, how to develop positive friendships and how to keep ourselves safe. 


As you can see, we have learnt so much this term and we really enjoyed our first term in Year 3.