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Class 5



Welcome back to our last term of this academic year.


This term promises to be a busy one! Class 5 will be continuing their learning as they prepare themselves to go up to year 4 in September!


In English we will be studying more texts, we will start with The Frog Prince Continued where we will learn about what exactly to the Princess and the Frog once he was a Prince. After that we shall study a range of books including an instruction book and another story text or two. 


In Maths the class will develop their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills further, investigate equivalent fractions and investigate perimeter of shapes. 


During our Science sessions this term we will be looking at Physics ~ we will investigate forces especially magnetism and light. We are planning to carry out an investigation into shadows and how they are formed and how they move during the day. In History we will be moving further up the timeline and learning about the Anglo-Saxons and the impact they had on Lincoln and the surrounding areas. 


This term will be a busy one as it also includes our sports day, an event we are very much looking forward to as this has been missed from the school calendar due to Covid-19. 


Please go to the interactive newsletter on the school website as every 3 weeks Class 5 record a video sharing what we have been learning about. It also shows you which book we are reading as a class and other useful information.  




Welcome back to Class 5...


      We are looking forward to a very exciting new year and a new term. 


This term we will be exploring lots of new texts in English lessons, we will find out the texts over the term but we know we will be writing a narrative, a retell, an informal letter and a newspaper report. 


In maths we will be using the operations to develop our skills in solving different calculations. We will also develop our maths language and describe the processes we are using. 


   Our foundation curriculum is very busy this term too! In Science we will learnt about rocks and plants. History is going to be very interesting as we find out about our past in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age. We are looking forward to finding out about what Lincoln looked like.


    Art will be creating cave paintings like the Stone Age people and colour mixing. P.E. is developing our batting skills, French will be learning the French names of different animals and we will also be starting a new guided reading scheme to help our comprehension skills.


We are very excited to continue our learning in year 3.



    Welcome back to year 3!!


   We are a happy class of 28 children who love to come to school and learn. Our class teacher is Miss Wainwright and we are lucky enough to have Mrs Green and Mrs Barratt in our class to help us. 


              This term we are learning about

  •    balanced diets in Science
  •    Lincoln, Lincolnshire and the features that make up the country in Geography.
  •    sketching in Art where we will sketch our own faces!
  •    how to be a good friend in PSHE


   In English we will be writing a character description, a letter, a diary entry and a retelling of a story.

We are looking forward to learning how to do these through the different books. 


  In Maths we will be learning about place value, addition, subtraction, mass and properties of shape.


It promises to be a very very busy term, with lots of exciting learning.