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Class 5

February 2021

A note for class 5


A huge thank you to everybody who worked so hard during this half term. I know it hasn't been easy learning remotely from home. 


Thank you to all the children and their parents who used the technology and did their work and sent it in. I enjoyed teaching the live lessons in maths where we learnt about multiplication, division and fractions. 

In English we worked on writing our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk and also wrote text for the illustrated book Journey by Aaron Becker. 

We didn't forget other subjects we learnt about communities in PHSE, plants in Science and Christianity in RE. 


We have had a busy half term and despite lockdown, changing our routines, working with our families, or even working in school with few friends, we have all pulled together and continued our learning. 

I am hoping that we will all be together in school before the Easter holidays. 


Next term our focus will be the Stone Age... 


See you then

Miss Wainwright



We are Class 5.


Welcome back to everybody after such a long time away from school. It is lovely to see you all. We have missed you.


Class 5 are a year 3 class of 30 children, who have Miss Wainwright and Mrs Green as the teaching adults.


Class 5 is part of the Year 3 "bubble" and have Miss Wainwright and Mrs Green teaching in class. In this bubble there are Miss Steer and Mrs Nelson, from class 6, who will sometimes teach us too. Mrs Harrison and Mrs Hudson and Mr Richards are also part of this bubble. 




PE  this will be on a Monday and a Wednesday. Children should have their PE kits in school for the week. On a Wednesday the class will be taught by Coach James from Synergy. 


WATERBOTTLES ~ due to Covid-19 each child should now have a water bottle in school with them this can be filled when emptied, it should be taken home and washed each night.


SNACKS ~ due to Covid-19 there will be no snack shack so it is important that the children bring their own healthy snack to have at break times. 


There is no need for children to bring anything from home, such as cuddly toys, pencil cases and 'things to show'. 







This term we will be learning about Lincoln, the U.K and Western Europe.

We will be learning about where in Europe Great Britain is, and looking at the land use in Britain and Lincolnshire. 


In Science we will be focussing our learning on animals, skeletons and what the animals need to eat to survive. We will learn about the different diets animals have and why they need balanced diets. 


French will focus on the basic language skills and saying hello and good bye in French as well as saying "my name is...." in French.


We will be creative in art and music by learning about the beat in a piece of music and will be using different pencils to help us shade pictures. 


Keep looking at our website to see what we have been up to.