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Class 5



We are a happy class of 29 children who love to come to school to learn. Our teacher is Miss Wainwright and our teaching assistant is Miss Brickwood. We are very lucky because on a Wednesday we also have Coach James and Coach Rachel from Synergy who do P.E with us and Mrs Dunbar comes and teaches in the afternoon too. 


Please come and look at our class page often because we will post lots of our amazing work.


From Class 5

                                                   Happy New Year!

                             Welcome to Spring Term.


This term Class 5 are very excited to start their learning this term. They will be learning about the Stone Age, finding out how the people of the time hunted their food, how they communicated with each other and how they lived. They will be using artefacts borrowed from The Collection in Lincoln. They will also be reading the book Stone Age Boy during their English lessons. 


In Science they will be learning about rocks and soils. In Maths they will be thinking about multiplication and division as well as finding fractions of numbers and shapes. 


We will try and update the page as often as possible to show you what we have been up to. Class 5




Class 5 will have P.E on a Monday and a Wednesday. Please bring your P.E. kit on a Monday and take it home on Friday.


P.E kit should always be worn for exercise. Our P.E kit is dark shorts, white t.shirt, plimsols or trainers. Long jogging bottoms and a plain hoodie may be worn when the weather gets colder. 

Termly update!!!

Class 5 have had the busiest term! Here are just a few of the exciting things that we have learnt about.


English ~ During the English sessions the children have looked at three different texts.  They started with Grandad's Island and they wrote a detailed description of the island and the characters. After this text the children read 'The day the crayons quit' and wrote a letter of complaint to Duncan from a new crayon. These pieces of work were so amazing they are displayed in school for everybody to see. 

Finally Class 5 read some Shakespeare! After listening to the play A Midsummer Night's Dream they then wrote their own scenes using the characters from the play. Everybody enjoyed the challenge of writing a play script and reading through scenes together. 


In Science ~ the children have investigated light and dark, looking at shadows and how they are made. They created their own shadow puppets and wrote a story together. 

They also investigated how magnetism and used magnets to find as many magnetic and non-magnetic items around the classroom.