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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!


There are 30 superstars in our class. Our teachers are Mrs Gallivan and Mrs Hall and we also work with Miss Ford, Mrs Pearce and Miss Greaves. 


We have had a fantastic Autumn term in year 2, with exceptional attitudes to learning and lots of fun and smiles. We are trying hard to keep ourselves healthy at this cold time of year, to make sure we can come to school everyday and keep up the good work!  


'Here or there?' Autumn term




We are very excited about our project this term. We are learning about Africa! In geography we will compare Kenya to Great Britain- look at the similarities and differences, and share the great reasons to live in each place. We have already completed African sunset pictures and have plans to create tie dye t-shirts, clay animals and African masks in our art lessons. We will also explore African music and dancing!

The Great Fire of London- Spring term

This term we are learning about the Great Fire of London. First of all, we will learn about life in Lincoln in 1600s before finding out more about London in 1666. We will explore how life has changed, how the fire started and why it spread so quickly. We will also sequence the events from this significant event. In English, we will use the book 'Vlad and the Great Fire of London' to infer the thoughts and feelings of people at the time. The final outcome of this work is to write a diary like Samuel Pepys did.

Exciting English


Over the last term the children have really enjoyed our texts in English. We begun the year with Handa's Surprise and continued along the theme linked to our Topic by exploring Handa's Hen. The children enjoyed writing instructions and retelling the stories using talk for writing.  Following on from this, the children wrote fact files on a chosen animal which was inspired by the Non-Fiction book Actual Size. The children were fascinated by some of the amazing facts that they found out. This book stimulated their inquisitive minds to explore questions that they wanted to find out about other animals, which was perfect for our visit to Woodside Wildlife park, where the children kept the zoo keepers busy all day long with their amazing questions.  We finished the term with 'Little Red' which the children have loved joining in with retelling, as it is an alternative version of the traditional tale Little Red Riding Hood which they studied in year 1. We are always very excited to discover what our next text will be!




There are so many keen readers in Class 3- most children have read at home every day since the start of term! Our class are very good at remembering which colour book they read and change them independently. Keep up the good work! 



We have PE on Wednesday and Friday, so please bring PE kit in school on those days. This term we will be learning to play invasion games with our synergy coaches. 



Abbey Farm

Year 2 had a fantastic time at Abbey Farm near Woodhall Spa on Thursday 10th October. We learned about life on the farm; the crops they grow, the different machines they have and how the farm changes from season to season. We went on a scavenger hunt for autumn treasures such red berries and sycamore seeds and walked through the long elephant grass to the other side of the fields. We took a bumpy ride on the tractor and saw the maize and carrots growing in the fields. We learnt that straw is the dry stems from wheat and hay is dry grass- so now we know that straw is for animals' beds and hay is to eat!



Woodside Wildlife Park.


On Wednesday 20th November we visited Woodside Wildlife Park. We saw crocodiles, birds of prey, meerkats, tigers and many animals besides. We were lucky to see the Siberian lynx, white wolves and penguins being fed at different times throughout the day. We particularly enjoyed meeting Poppy the parrot and holding snakes in the reptile house! It was a fantastic day- we enjoyed asking the zookeepers our questions and learned so much. Well done to Class 3 for being such wonderful ambassadors for our school- showing respect and following the rules to keep yourselves safe. 

Amazing Artwork


Over the term the children have enjoyed developing their artistic skills by creating art work inspired by our project 'Here or There' The children have developed their skills by drawing, painting, printing, shading and blending by working with a variety of mediums to create a final piece of work. The children love their work and it is displayed down the KS1 corridor and will be a key feature during our festival of learning at the end of the academic year.