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Class 11

Welcome to Class 11!

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Our class teacher is Mr Benstead.


In our classroom, we will also have Mrs Taylor, Mrs Brooks, Mrs Mackown, Mrs Brown and Mr Richards working with us at various points in the week!


Useful revision websites

  • Spelling Shed Children can use their login to play this spelling game.






In our history learning this term, we have been investigating Tudor life. This led us to discovering all about the Monarchy and the antics that King Henry VIII got up to! We became very interested in the types of crimes that were committed within this era and the various punishments for them. The ducking stool was used for suspected witches to find out if they were guilty or innocent. Turns out...the poor women rarely survived this terrible ordeal!


We decided to design and construct our own working ducking stools in DT made from wood. 

Christmas tree festival

Class 11 all contributed a handmade bauble to decorate in the style of Joaquín Torres García. We really enjoyed experimenting with different colours and techniques in order to represent ourselves on each design, whilst still incorporating Garcia's 'flair' and unique style. 

The Arrival

The Arrival is a wordless fantasy fiction graphic novel created by Shaun Tan. Watch the clip to find out more about the story!

What have we read?

During the Autumn term, we wrote in a wide range of genres based upon the books shown above. These genres include: 

  • Character and setting descriptions
  • Persuasive letter
  • Diary
  • Newspaper
  • Narrative
  • Information text
  • Poetry

Autumn term learning!