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Class 10

Welcome to Year 5!


Our adults are Mr Finn and Mrs Dineen. Sometimes we will work with Mrs Maddison and Miss Corner


Homework is due every Thursday and is set the same Thursday. Pages will be shared on Class Dojo each week.


PE days are Monday (Class Teacher) and Friday (Synergy).

In Autumn Term, we are learning about:


Maths: Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

English: Wolf Brother and Street Child

Science: States of Matter

Geography: UK vs Canada

Art: Tony Hunt Sr and Totem Poles

French: Animals

PE: Swimming and Hockey

RE: Christianity

PSHE: What makes us unique

In Spring Term, we will learn about:


Maths - Place value, multiplication and division, fractions and decimals and percentages


English - Tom's Midnight Garden, Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx, Shackleton's Journey and The Rough-Face Girl


History - All about the Ancient Egyptians including the mummification process.


Science - Life cycles of a human, birds, amphibians and insects. 


PE - Swimming and tennis


French - How to say our birthdays and tell what the weather is like


Art - All about Keith Haring


RE - Festivals and all about the beliefs of Hindu


PSHE - How to administer first aid and all about the different types of relationships.


Check back soon to see what we will be learning in the Summer Term!

In the Summer Term 1, Class 10 are learning about:


Maths - Statistics, including bar charts and line graphs

English -  The Hunger Games, including a debate, balanced letter and an alternative ending

Science - Forces, including gravity, air resistance and water resistance

History - All about the Ancient Greeks, including the Trojan War and the start of the Olympics

RE - Islam, including the key festivals and how they are celebrated

Art - Drawing skills, including exploring different types of shading

PE - Cricket and Athletics, including all sports day events

French - Clothes, including colours

PSHE - The Wider World, including raising funds for a local charity

DT - Greek food, including tasting and cooking our own version.


Check back for updates on how we are getting on!