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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1's page


From September 2019, our teacher will be Miss Smith and our LSAs will be Miss Hornsey and Miss Thompson.

Spring Term

During the Spring Term, Class 1 will be learning about a significant person in History. We will be focussing our learning on the achievements of Neil Armstrong. In Science we will be learning about the weather and the human body, including the 5 senses. We are learning gymnastics skills and ball skills in PE this term. In Computing, the children will be learning how to write emails. They will also begin to use the app 'PicCollage' to create digital content. In DT, the children will be planning, creating and evaluating their own rocket design using recycled materials. The children will begin to explore instruments in Music to create their own rocket launch music. They will then use their computing skills to film each other's masterpiece. In Art, they will use the technique of printing to create texture. 


The children have been learning gymnastic skills in the first half of this term with Coach XXX. They have been learning how to balance and complete a forward roll. They were then lucky enough that the GB athlete that visited St Giles Academy was Steve Frew, a gold medal winning gymnast. He was the first ever Scottish gymnast to win a gold medal. Here are some photos of the different activities Steve got the children (and adults!) to complete. 





This link will take to you some information about Steve Frew, and show you parts of his gold medal winning performance.


In Music, the children have been learning about using our voices differently. They have used different volumes, pitches and tempo. They used pictures of 'moon craters' as a scale to know when they needed to change their voices (see the photos below). The children have used their phonics sounds during this. Who knew you can sing phonics sounds? 




In Music, the children have also been exploring using instruments. The first week they were given the chance to just explore them, as they had never used the instruments before. They then planned some 'rocket launch' music. They finally performed this. The children then created digital content through filming their friend saying what they liked about the music the class had created. 



The children have been learning about famous explorers in History today! They were very inquisitive and couldn’t believe that Christopher Columbus lived over 500 years ago!

Autumn Term

The children have used a number of story books as a basis for their learning in English

Here are the front covers of the books the children have used. 



During the term, the children have been developing their comprehension skills, as well as their writing skills. They have produced re-tells, advertisements, writing in the first person using I and writing instructions. 


The children have learnt how to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and the conjunction 'and' to connect words. They have also been learning about nouns, adjectives and imperative verbs this term. 


During 'The Gingerbread Man', the children had the chance to make their own gingerbread men by following a recipe. 



During our word of the week sessions, we have been learning new words to expand our vocabulary. The words that have proved to be most popular have been 'magnificent' and 'miserable'. The children have often used this words in the writing over the term. Here are the words KS1 have been learning about this term. 



In Maths, the children have been deepening their understanding of numbers to 20. They have also worked on addition and subtraction, as well as shape. They have been given the chance to explore a variety of new equipment. 








The children's main learning this term has been in; Geography, RE, Science, Art and Computing


In Geography, the children have been focussing on the local area. They learned the difference between physical and human features. They were then able to discuss different physical and human features in Lincoln. 


The children moved on to learn about what landmarks are. They thought about landmarks that are local to Lincoln that people travel here to see, as well as those landmarks that are personal and local to them. 


They then looked at what a birds-eye view means and looked at a map of Lincoln. They looked at it as a normal map and then as a satellite map. The children worked hard to identify places they know on the map; like Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle, St Giles Academy and their local churches.




During Geography, the children began to look at positional language. As a cross curricular lesson, the children were able to use their knowledge of positional language during a computing lesson. The aim of the lesson was to use an algorithm. They were given a set of instructions that used different positional language. They then had to programme the Beebots to move in a particular sequence. 





The children really enjoyed this, and felt a sense of accomplishment when all the Beebots moved together!


In Art, the children have been learning about the artist Wassily Kandinsky. They began by exploring his work. They discussed what they liked/disliked about his work. They then created a plan using his style of using shapes, and then they used the shapes to create their own pieces of work.




In RE, the children have started to learn about what religion is and there has been a focus on Christianity. The children learned about symbols that are important to Christians. Reverend Rachel came into school to complete a baptism on Rupert the bear. She talked about all the special things that are important when a baptism takes place. They also looked at what a church is, and the key features of a church. This lead the children to create their own stained glass windows. 



The children began their Science lessons this term by speaking to an actual scientist on FaceTime. We spoke to Dr Lucy who is a rock scientist. She lives all the way in Australia. We were able to ask her lots of questions about her job and what it is like to live in Australia.




The children have completed many Science experiments this term. They have been able to predict before carrying out an experiment. 




We have also looked at materials. We looked at what objects are made out of wood, metal, glass and fabric. The children sorted the materials. We then thought about why materials are made from certain materials by looking at the material's properties. We decided that a teapot could not be made out if chocolate!