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Autumn Term

Autumn Term


During the Autumn Term, the children in Year 1 are beginning more formal learning than they have been used to in Foundation. I have to say they have adapted to the changes brilliantly! 


Maths: In maths, we are using the White Rose Maths to guide our learning. We have special workbooks that we are enjoying completing . The blocks we will be completing during the Autumn Term will be; Place Value to 10, Addition and Subtraction within 10, Shape and Place Value to 20.

Within these blocks, we will be using concrete resources to aid our learning. 


English: Our English lessons are all based around different stories. At the end of each story the children will be completing some writing. This writing includes; writing from the point of view of a character, instructions, creating a wanted poster, a retell and descriptive writing. I can't tell you all of the wonderful stories that we will be using straight away as we like to give the children clues to make predictions! I will update this page with the front covers of the stories once they have been revealed to the children, so keep coming back to check!