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Autumn Term

Autumn Term


During the Autumn Term, there will be a big focus on settling into Year 1. Due to the children missing much of their time in Foundation, we have decided to put our own spin on play based learning. The children are set challenges each week that link to our learning and their need. 


We have different areas of learning that the children will access. The different areas are;

English table - linked to writing and reading. This includes activities linked to the story we are using in our English lessons. 

Maths table - children complete number work and worked linked to the previous week's learning. 

Fine motor table -  on this table, the children are able to strengthen the muscles in their hands to help with pencil grip and writing. The activities include; pencil control, threading, using plastic tweezers and using peg boards. 

Craft table - on this table, the children are given a challenge to complete. This might be through using paint, collage materials, dabber pens or different types of paper. 

Small word - the children have used the small dolls to role play different scenarios. For example; the first day at school. The children are able to explore emotions and rich language through this play. 

Construction - there have been opportunities to build and create using different types of construction. 

Outside area - The children are able to access PE and Science based activities outside. Including; bean bag throwing, using a hula hoop, exploring the equipment in the water tray and developing their gross motor skills using the large chalks.  


While the children are able to access these areas, there are times of the day when we have whole class carpet time for Maths, English, Phonics and PSHE. The children will work with the class teacher in small guided groups in Maths and English throughout the week to develop the key skills they might not have had the chance to during the missed learning time in Foundation. As well as, beginning to access the Year 1 expectations.