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Autumn Term



Over the term we have focussed on five books;



We loved reading this book! We joined in with all the parts that we remembered and loved pretending to be the wolf and blowing the houses down! 


This story was about an alien who crashed on Earth and was trying to find her way home. She felt very lonely until she found a group of children who made her feel welcome! We enjoyed making a poster advertising for a good friend. 


This was a fun story! We came into the classroom and it was covered in biscuit crumbs. We looked at all the clues and realised it was the Gingerbread Man. We loved retelling the story and joining in with the parts that we knew. 


This story is all about a little bear who wants to go to the moon. He finds lots of things to use to take him there and meets an owl on the way. We enjoyed retelling this story using a story map. 


This was a very funny story! We loved listening to what happened and had to predict how Santa would deliver his presents after his sleigh had broken.