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Healing Multi Acadmey Trust

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Welcome to our Governors’ section.


Trustees (Healing Multi Academy Trust)

Mark Knapton (CEO)

Graham Walker (Chair)

Debbie Peers

Jonathan Goolden

Peter Kipling

Anthony Beach

Robin Owen


Interim Executive Board (IEB)

St Giles Academy is currently being governed by an Interim Executive Board (IEB). The members of the IEB are:

Roger Moore (Chair)

Mark Knapton (Interim CEO)

David Milner (Headteacher)

Anna Coney (Executive Headteacher)

Graham Walker

Paul Hughes

Juliette Brooks

Carrie Greenfield

Daniel Callaghan

Rachel Green


St Giles Academy has formed a Local Governing Body with Hartsholme Academy. The LGB will take over some aspects of governance once the IEB has been disbanded in May 2019.