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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!


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Welcome to Class 6!


Mr Hempsall is your teacher and Mrs Dunbar will be in the classroom for much of the time too. 


This Autumn Term our essential question is "Why is the Stone Age important to us?". Our learning will focus on improving our understanding of how cave dwellers lived their lives, the kinds of food they ate and much much more. We will be reading Stone Age texts and writing lots of letters, recounts, diaries and so on about what we have learned. 


Our PE sessions will be Monday and Wednesday afternoons so please remember to bring PE kits on those days. 


Also, our lunchtime will be 12:30, half an hour later than the children are used to, so it might be really useful if they bring a healthy snack to enjoy at playtime and to keep them going through the morning! Don't forget as well that now they are in Key Stage 2 fruit is no longer provided by the school. 



Our text at the start of term is 'Stone Age Boy' and we will be using it to help us with our writing. We are starting with recount and are looking forward to improving our use of punctuation, tense and sentence structure. 


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Have you ever wondered what the difference types of rock are? We've started our term on rocks and soils by investigating the three types (metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary) plus we've started to get very excited about volcanoes!


We enjoyed a very special visitor today (13/9/18) when Emily Campbell came to give us an extra PE session. She is a weightlifter and recently won bronze medal in the Commonwealth Games. She helped us work through all of her warm up routines and answered lots of questions on what it takes to lift weights. 


When she said she could easily lift over 100Kg, Mr Hempsall decided it was time to disappear .... just in case!! 




We have started the year practising our place value skills, finding 10 and 100 less or more than a number, counting in 4s, 8s and 50s, and finding how many hundreds, tens and ones there are in a number. We're using resources where we need to but also trying without them. 


This year we are going to try to make sure we know the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 times tables really well. Practising at home is a great way to make sure they stick in our minds!!!


In order to explore rock formations further we conducted an investigation using Starburst sweets. This was an investigation using the science skill: noticing patterns.


Once they were cut up, we pressed them down in layers, applying pressure. We learnt that we were making sedimentary rocks, creating layers with heat and pressure. 


After that we changed them but crushing them and applying lots of heat with our hands. This turned them into metamorphic rocks! 


Finally Mr Hempsall used the microwave to melt Starburst and we agreed this was just like igneous rocks, which are formed by molten rocks cooling. 


Who knew rocks could be so much fun!



Our new book in English is 'A dark, dark, tale'. Hopefully, we will all will delight in following the black cat's progress through the dark wood, into the dark house, and eventually to the surprise discovery at the back of the toy cupboard, in this mysterious, beautifully illustrated picture book.


Image result for a dark dark tale



We have created a montage of cave painting scenes, trying to tell a story through images of the kinds of activities Stone Age people might take part in, including hunting, cooking, drying fish and playing. 


We tried to use the same techniques Stone Age people would have used. 





In maths we have been solving number problems, making sure we understand the problem and trying to find all the possible solutions. To help us we have used a range of resources to help us visualise the solutions. One of the problems was 'Crossroads' where we had 15 cubes and had to place them on five circles, making sure that they added up to ten both horizontally and vertically. Apparently it all depends on getting the middle one right!






In our RE learning we have started to investigate the kinds of symbolic items which might be found in a Christian church. We researched the roles of the font, candles, Bible and cross. In the next few weeks we are hoping to visit both our local churches so that we can see these items (and more) close up!



After we had finished reading 'A dark, dark tale' we wrote free verse poems influenced by the story. We made sure we used adjectives, similes, repetition and made up words (like flufftastic). 


Our Stars of the Week presented their finished poems to the Friday assembly and read them beautifully, loudly and clearly. 




As part of our learning on writing settings and character, we have started to read the book Grandad's Island. This is a lovely book in which Syd explores an island with his Grandad through a secret door in the attic. However, not everything is as it seems .......


So far we have been using roleplay (like hotseating and freeze frame) to explore how the characters might be thinking and why they are doing the things they are. Hopefully this will really help us with our writing .... we'll let you know!


Image result for grandads island



We are just coming to the end of our current learning on addition and subtraction. We've practised lots of ways to do it, including using number lines, columns, resources and much more. We've also been estimating to have an idea of what the answer should be, and the inverse to show whether we are correct or not. We've also been spending a lot of time explaining and showing how we have calculated, sometimes using resources, sometimes using representations.