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Class 5


Our Autumn term project is:

"Why is the Stone Age important?"


From September 2018, our teacher will be Mrs Rawlins and our LSAs will be Miss Brickwood and Mrs Dunbar. Please follow our twitter page @stgac5 to see what we have been up to! Here is the link to our twitter page –


Our PE sessions will be Monday and Wednesday afternoons so please remember to bring PE kits on those days. 


Our lunchtime is 12:30, half an hour later than the children are used to, so it may be useful if they bring a healthy snack to enjoy at playtime and to keep them going through the morning! Now the children are in Key Stage 2, fruit is no longer provided by the school. 


Visit from an athlete

Visit from an athlete 1
We had a visit from Emily- Jane Campbell, a bronze medalist in the commonwealth games. She taught us all about the exercises needed to become a great weightlifter. They were hard work! We had to walk like a duck, do jump lunges and practise squatting. She showed us her medals too. 


Science 1
Science 2
Science 3
We have been learning to classify rocks and describe their properties. We created 3 different types of rocks; sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. We found out that sedimentary rocks are formed due to pressure, metamorphic rocks are created due to heat and pressure and igneous rocks have been heated to magma then cooled. We even created a rock cycle. 


Here is our final cave painting, which we have put together as a class to tell a story. Some show berries being collected by cave people, others show men hunting for meat and some show cave people having fun around a campfire. We decided to use crayons, as felt tips didn’t look like original cave paintings. Paint meant that we couldn’t get much detail.

Picture 1

World Hello Day!

Namaste! We have learnt all about India- the country, festivals and what Indian people eat. 

We tried poppadums and some of us were brave and had mango chutney too. To show that Divali is a festival of light, we made lanterns. 

We found out that India is in Asia and has lots of physical features like mountains, rivers and deserts. Also, it has the second biggest population in the world!


Picture 1
Picture 2
In science, we have been investigating magnets. At first, we thought it was magic, but we soon found out that magnets have a magnetic force which attracts or repels the poles. 
Picture 1
Picture 2