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Dark Nights, Bright Lights


Over half term new walls were instated to divide the Foundation unit into two classrooms. The children have adapted positively to their new learning environments and have enjoyed exploring different learning opportunities within their classrooms.


The focus this term will mainly be on celebrations and the children have already enjoyed lots of Halloween themed activities as well as learning about how to stay safe on Bonfire Night. Through discussions about Bonfire Night the children learned that whilst some loved fireworks other children did not. This was a great example of how it it okay to not all enjoy the same things and to value differences.


Currently the children's learning is based around books linked to space as we focus on dark nights and use our imaginations to explore travelling beyond our planet.

Super Me, Super You!


These past few weeks, the children have been exploring their new environment. We have started RWI where the children have been learning a new sound a day. 'Fred the frog' has spoken in sounds to the children and we have been blending the sounds together to find out the words.


We are going to be looking at a range of superheroes such as; themselves, family, people in school, fire, police, ambulance, etc.